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Bringing Fathers Day Into the Work Week

Rick Sanchez is an iconic character but a terrible father. He’s a pretty bad grandfather, too, in lots of ways, but at least Morty’s getting more interesting experiences with Rick than he would in high school. Rick and Morty is funny. But Rick is a bad dad.

So when I opened my Father’s Day card from my kids and saw they wrote “You’re the Pickle Rick of Dads!” I was… worried. Was this some kind of reference to how much time I was spending with electronics (in this case, renting them to people, not building portal guns) instead of with them? Was this some effort to get us to family therapy that I hadn’t noticed we needed?

Nope - just a set up for the actual gift, which was a Rick and Morty coffee mug.


“It changes color when it gets warm,” my younger daughter said. “It’s black like space when it’s cold but when you put coffee in it, it changes colors and looks like an alien planet.”

That… was a relief. It’s also a great gift because, as they pointed out… “you can keep it next to your computer so you can think of us when drinking coffee while working. You’ll see that the coffee is cold when the planet fades and when you go to get a refill and you’ll think of us as it lights up.”

What a great point.

We rented a lot of cool things the last two weeks that wound up as Father’s Day gifts to some great dads. TVs. Coffee makers. AppleWatches to track the heart rate that comes from all that coffee. And a lot of the dads here at ownable got those gifts, too.

But I hope everyone who got something is getting the same feeling I get from this mug when you look at them and I know that everyone here is so happy to have been able to make those memories happen.

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