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I Get Buy(s) With a Little Help From My Friends

Loyalty program insights on Global Beatles Day

We have so many wonderful customers in so many states that have been with us for years. They put up with some of ownable’s bad/dad jokes in some of our advertising because they appreciate ownable’s great service and good prices and the option to rent to own over six months. The bad / dad jokes are real, though, and often triggered by the World Day Calendar we keep prominently in the office (for example - today is World Beatles Day which is why we are working hard to “get a little a better, a little better all the time.”)

For years, so many new customers have joined after hearing great stories of us from their friends. Stories of moms and dads who got things they needed for their kids (Like this Nintendo Switch and this Xbox). Stories of students who got laptops for school (like this Lenovo and this Chromebook). Stories of people now having to work from home who really, really need noise cancelling headphones from Bose and Sony. So many great stories that people heard and said “hey, I could use that, too.”

We love when people reach out to share those stories with our customer team and we want to start thanking people for being so great to us (and for us!). Come together, right now.

We’d love your feedback on how to build an exciting customer loyalty program that encourages people to let others know about their great experience here. Hop back over to the site and share your ideas for what would make you most excited to share your great ownable experience. What would make you most motivated? What would inspire your friends to join you?

As we’ve been saying to each other today (again, in honor of World Beatles Day) - how can we help you get buys with a little help from your friends? So come together because I know that we can work it out.

Here for you eight days a week,

Team Ownable

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